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Mentoring for Champions!​

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Zero to Exit Ltd was founded by Jamie & Kevin Christoforou in April 2021, after taking their previous business from zero, to a multi-million exit.

Jamie & Kevin now help business owners and managers, to grow and scale their businesses. This is delivered through regular 1-2-1 business mentoring (via online Zoom meetings), online group workshops, on-demand online training courses, as well as webinar masterclasses.

So how did it all begin?

Back in November 2001, Jamie Christoforou arrived in Plymouth on a National Express coach, with two bags and £50 in his pocket. He didn’t have a job or any form of income and barely had enough to cover one week’s rent for a bedsit near the train station. He just hoped that the landlord who said he would meet him there, actually turned up, otherwise he would have been sleeping on the streets.
Some would say he was the definition of a lost cause. But that didn’t stop him.
In 2002, with no business qualifications or degrees, Jamie and Kevin, decided to start their own business. With no money and no idea what they were doing, it’s safe to say that their friends and family weren’t exactly optimistic about it. In fact, Kevin’s parents whose house they were planning on running the business from, said they couldn’t do it from their house.
But they were adamant about proving everyone that doubted them wrong. 
19 years later at the age of 37 and 45, Jamie & Kevin officially retired! 
After pulling off a multi-million business exit, retiring themselves and their family, and accumulating a wealth of knowledge about starting, scaling, and selling businesses, they made it their mission to help businesses and start-ups like you, formulate strategies for consistent growth.
You can hear more about their story on our regular free webinars. 

Our Team

Jamie Christoforou

Jamie is one of our business mentors and is also a keynote speaker at business and career events around the UK.

Kevin Christoforou

Kevin is one of our business mentors with strong interests in small businesses and bringing in processes for scaling businesses.